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Last night our friends over at International Playground and Capsule put together a fashion presentation showcasing Scandinavia’s star designers. The event was the toast of the town and took place in the SkyRoom at New Museum.

Daniel Palillo was DJ’ing and lending his superior brand of eccentricity to the party. 

We also spotted Brooklyn-based designer Helena Fredriksson dancing and drinking martinis. It’s great to see all our friends in one place!

The models came in and out of the main room three times wearing different looks from each designer. There was a palpable sense of elation every time they stepped out and onto the platforms. 

We even fell in love with some new designers, notably Helsinki-based Samuji.

model wearing clothing from R/H’s Spring/Summer 2013 

Peep that spiky cap on the Daniel Palillo model!

wearing Daniel Palillo S/S ‘13

wearing Samuji S/S ‘13

(photo credit: Fashion Buzz)

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